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History of the new

National Stadium of Costa Rica

The history of the new "Joya de La Sabana" began in 2007, when the government of the former president of Costa Rica, Mr. Óscar Arias Sánchez, decided that the country should have a first world stadium. The government led by Mr. Óscar Arias established diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China and reached multiple bilateral agreements, in which one of these agreements with China was agreed to the donation of a modern National Stadium for Costa Rica.

Its construction began on March 12, 2009 with the first stone laid by President Óscar Arias Sánchez. The building was part of the agreements signed between the presidents of Costa Rica and the People's Republic of China, Óscar Arias Sánchez and Hu Jintao. Its construction took 22 months by the Chinese company Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (AFECC), the work was delivered a month before the stipulated.

The new National Stadium of Costa Rica is the most modern stadium in Central America to date and has an illumination of 3400 luxes, making it more than suitable for broadcasts on high definition television.

At the beginning it was considered a total capacity of 40.000 fans, but months later it was reduced to 35.000 by the space available in the same place as the old stadium was.

The final cost of the work was calculated for about $88 million, some sources cited that the new National Stadium has a cost of about $110 million, since all the furniture of the administrative offices and the area of ticket offices had not been contemplated.

Its inauguration was on Saturday, March 26, 2011 in a friendly game of the National Team against the Chinese team, the match ended tied 2-2, then on Tuesday, March 29, another friendly match was played against the powerful National Team of Argentina, which also finished tied 0-0.

Within its week of inauguration and the party that was lived in the country with the new property, the renowned Costa Rican fighter Hanna Gabriels also participated in the party celebrating a fight for the world boxing title against the American Melisenda Pérez, a fight that the Costa Rican won by Knock Out.


To end the celebrations commemorating the inauguration, the famous Colombian singer Shakira was invited to give a concert on Sunday, April 10, 2011.

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